The Most Effective Study Habits (with Extra Bonus)

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There’s no magic formula or set prescription for how to study effectively…every student is different! You might study well in a library, while your roommate studies better in his or her dorm room. The key is to try out different studying methods – including different study environments – to figure out what works best for […]

Foods and Drinks That Will Make You LASER Focused

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There are a lot of superfoods and nootropics out there that are promised to make your focus better and help you perform on the highest levels.  Right now, when a lot of people are going back to school and you can feel the competition in the air it is important to provide yourself with the […]

Uni Unlocked – Money & Time Saving Tricks

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Coming from a university student myself, there are a multitude of things school doesn’t teach you before entering such a roller coaster of a ride in life. In fact, most tips, such as setting up several alarms, procrastinating last minute and still pulling it off, and chugging a large coffee while reading 3 weeks full […]

Does Caffeine Affect Your Studying?

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When the time of the exam comes you might become a caffeine addict. I get that, I was a student once too – it makes you going and you keep on going – like c-r-a-z-y. Sleepless nights, pages of material, your blood is pumping all of that good hormones and you feel like you can’t […]

Best Time Management Tools You HAVE to Know: Part 2

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Last week we discussed 3 big-time management tools that might help you improve your productivity and use your time more effectively (also giving you more room for leisure activities). This week we are going to talk about the next 3 big ideas and methods that will greatly improve your life and these are the Time […]

Decoding the Art of De-Stressing

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Life doesn’t give us enough time to breathe – and that’s a fact. The hustle and bustle of everyday errands, work, and everything in between can sometimes pile up on us mentally. This extra baggage is our unwanted friend known as “stress”. From running 3 minutes late to work to burning the casserole, stress comes […]

You’re Unable To Concentrate? Here’s Why:

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You rely on concentration to get through work or school every day.  When you’re unable to concentrate, you can’t think clearly, focus on a task, or maintain your attention. Being unable to concentrate is not always that simple and straight-forward, here are the symptoms of things that might be connected and may be connected to […]

Best Time Management Tools You HAVE to Know: Part 1

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In this and upcoming article we are going to discuss the best techniques that might help you to manage your time in the best possible way.  It will not only provide you with more time for the things you really enjoy but also make you use your work time with the highest efficiency.  Sounds interesting? […]

Mugtastic Magic Tricks – Activities for Kids

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Once upon a time, we were all little mini Harry Houdini’s running around the house, wishing to tackle the mysterious and mystical world of magic. Although the chances of being a living Harry are slim, it is never zero! Enjoy 3 perplexing magic tricks with your little ones to make today a magical day! 1. […]

Check THIS Back to School Checklist

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It’s September already and you probably know what that means – that means CHAOS in your life.  Your children are going back to school, so that chaos is only partial and temporary, as when all of that mess, in the beginning, will be handled your life will go back to normal.  But that’s for sure […]