Presents That Won’t Empty Your Wallet

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No matter the season, presents and gift giving lasts year round and can strike a large hole in our bank accounts. From sisters and brothers, to cousins and close friends, the list always seems to be never-ending, not to mention the queues in shopping malls. Want to know how to crack a smile on everyone’s […]

How to Reduce and Beat Overspending

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Shopping is all fun and games until your return home with your pockets empty and shopper’s guilt hits. What was once 500 in your bank account is now 10 and that party next week looks like a slim chance of attending. The culprit to this mess –  overspending. From hangouts at the bar on weekends […]

Nature’s Remedies – The Best Natural DIY Health Hacks

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Vitamin C pills and sugary throat lozenges are overrated. No matter how many times you use them, your pocket ends up empty, your body is stuck fighting off an icky bug, and worst of all, you still feel crummy. With the weather turning chilly, and prices of everything going up, you might want to invest […]

Befriending Finances – How to Budget Wisely

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Finances can be scary to tackle, especially if you’re on your own. Between school, work, free-time activities and hanging out with friends and family, budgeting appears to be more of a road block than an amplifier to some. Nowadays, efficiency in the minds of many is what’s quickest for our busy schedules. The reality is, […]

Immunity Boosting Superfoods

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As the weather switches from warm sunny skies to cloudy windy days, our body’s needs changes too. From the common cold to the flu, colder weather opens the doors to sniffles and runny noses, coughs and sore throats and the dreaded combo of aches and pains. To avoid racking up medical bills from trips to […]

Open your Horizons with the Affiliate Program

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What is an affiliate program? Popularised in 1996 by Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, an affiliate program or associate program, is a virtual commission based agreement between sellers or distributers and creators. Depending on the proposal offered, the amount of traffic, items sold or services used, are compensated at a particular percentage or […]

5-Minute Morning Yoga

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A 30-minute jog or run filled with sweat isn’t everyone’s morning cup of tea for starting the day off right. Sometime’s taking it slow and steady really does have benefits. With yoga, one can discover the beauty of relaxation at home or outdoors. Yoga’s calm nature provides the ability to set one’s mindset up for […]

3 Ways To Help Your Child Catch Up On Learning

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After an incredibly frustrating year, you may be wondering about the long-term impact on your kid’s learning.  But experts say it’s worth keeping things in perspective and that there are ways to support students this go-round (without having to supervise their classwork). The pandemic situation was and still is a challenge. It is surprising that […]

5 BEST Stress Management Tools for Students

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We all experience stress — and some people more than others. Stress is our body’s way to handle everyday demands that may cause a physical, emotional, or psychological reaction. This is why – even more in this day and age – we should find ways that could help us to manage stress on a daily […]

“Falling” into Brain Power

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Fall welcomes in many wonders – one of which being the great benefits of in season fruits and vegetables, more specifically, for our brains. From memory prevention, to concentration, the natural beauties of Mother Earth are sure to give you the mind boost for any day full of studying or long meetings. Fall into brain […]