“How Can I Start a Business?”: Interview with Kacper Serafin the founder of Magic Suction Mugs


entering the business world Just last month, creator of Magic Suction Mug, the mug that won’t fall, Kacper Serafin, sat down with the founder of Conscious after 40 (Ja Świadoma po 40stce), Barbara Szela, a popular Polish life and networking coach on Facebook, to tackle the question on every entrepreneur’s mind: “How can I find a product?” and most importantly, “How can I start a business?”. Barbara […]

Polish Man Creates Ingenious ‘Magic Coffee Cup’

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Polish Man Creates Ingenious ‘Magic Coffee Cup’ To Stop Spillages You know that feeling you get when you knock your cup of coffee over and it goes everywhere – all over your notes, yourself, and your laptop – and you can’t get that coffee smell out of your nostrils for weeks? What if I were to tell […]

Award For Heroic Efforts Over Covid-19

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Manchester Deliveroo Rider Receives Award For Heroic Efforts Over Covid-19 A rider from Manchester has been recognised by Deliveroo for his efforts to go the extra mile for his local community during the Covid-19 crisis, after the company today announced the winners of its annual Rider Awards 2020. Kacper Serafin, who has been riding with […]

£20,000 boost for Deliveroo rider

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£20,000 boost for Deliveroo rider to develop startup business – the Magic Suction Mug Kacper Serafin has ambitions to create his own designs for a range of coffee mugs and kitchen appliances that can stick to the table. A Manchester Deliveroo rider has secured a £20,000 investment to develop his startup business – the Magic […]

Gig economy worker wins £20,000

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Gig economy worker wins £20,000 to make his business dream come true A man who quit full time work to make his “magic coffee mug” idea into a business, was handed £20,000 by Deliveroo was after the company agreed it was a great idea. A gig economy worker has just been handed £20,000 by his […]